Video Marketing Best Practices
For Oregon Businesses

What are the best practices for using video to market your business? These tips will help you to use video to more effectively reach your potential customers and grow your brand’s audience and awareness. 
Create Value For Your Customer
It’s no longer enough to just put up a company story video and expect the sales to start pouring in. If you’re going to use video as part of your marketing strategy, think about it from the customer’s perspective. Why should they watch this video? What will they gain from it?
Most videos shouldn’t be hard sells. Instead, they are an opportunity to educate your customers about your products or your industry, and provide useful information. For example, if you sell LED lights, you can create videos about the advantages of LEDs, or product videos comparing different models. 
If your site’s visitors think these videos are useful, they not only will be more likely to buy your products, but it will also lead to search engines directing more people to your content.
Hook Them Right Away
Did you know that the average human attention span is only eight seconds? That’s less than a goldfish! That’s why you need a strong and compelling opening for all your videos. 
A good opening lets your viewers know right away what your video is about and why they should continue watching. It’s also important to convey that this video is high quality. You don’t want your potential customers to be turned off by a video that’s of sub-par quality.
Make Your Video Sharable On Social Media
You obviously want to embed your videos on your website and incorporate them into your SEO strategy, and the best place to host such videos is on YouTube. But to get the most out of your video investment, make sure to create versions for Facebook and Instagram. 
Using links to your YouTube videos isn’t enough. The best way to get views on social media is to upload videos directly to each platform, which may require special edits or versions. For example, Instagram has a one-minute limit for videos posted directly to your feed (IGTV videos can be longer). The cost involved with creating tailored versions of each video will be only a fraction of the overall video budget.
Appeal To An Oregon Audience
If you’re a local business, make videos that will attract a local audience. A big part of SEO is geography, so it’s important to keep that in mind as you plan out your video content. If you’re in Portland, include that in the title of your video. The same applies if you have locations all over the state, such as Eugene and Bend.
In fact, if you have a business with multiple locations throughout the state of Oregon, it’s a good idea to make an individual video for each branch. 


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