What Industries Can Benefit

From Drone Marketing

Drones are the hot new thing in video marketing across many industries, and for good reason. Professional drones are able to provide a unique perspective with the use of eye-catching visuals that would have been prohibitively expensive a few years ago. But with commercial drones becoming smaller and cheaper, every Oregon business has the ability to incorporate aerial photography and video into their marketing campaigns.


So let’s take a look at which industries can most benefit from hiring a professional drone pilot:




If you own a small business in Oregon, then take a moment to congratulate yourself. You live in one of the most beautiful states in the country, with a diversity of amazing landscapes. From breathtaking Mt. Hood to the scenic Oregon Coast, from the spectacular Columbia Gorge to lovely Oregon wine country, we’ve got it all.


It’s no wonder that Oregon is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. If you’re involved in the local tourism industry, then there’s no better way to showcase our amazing vistas than with aerial photography and video.


Real Estate


Using drone content to highlight an amazing portfolio of real estate properties is another no-brainer. Drones are revolutionizing the way real estate companies are approaching their marketing efforts, to the point where not having aerial photos or video clips has become a hindrance. The best part is, you don’t need to be in the most scenic location for a drone to make your property look magical.


But while your first thought is probably of individual homes or beach front properties, drones can be used for so much more in the real estate space. I’m predicting we’ll see a proliferation of drone use with urban properties and architecture firms, especially for skyscrapers, stadiums, and other large structures, that are impossible to capture fully without aerial shots.




An industry that’s adjacent to real estate and also due for an explosion of drone use for marketing purposes is construction. Right now I’d say the two signature shots for a construction business are time lapse videos that show the progress of work being done, and aerial footage of the entire site.


One marketing angle that suits video perfectly is for businesses, whether restaurants, retail shops, or community focused organizations, to convey their story and connections to the neighborhood by including images of their location as it was being built. This is a great way to fill in your potential customers or clients on your background and build that all important connection.




One of the first industries that I got to fly my drone for was agriculture. Obviously, agriculture is a huge part of the Oregon economy. This includes not only the obvious, such as crops and animals, but important local industries such as marijuana, wine, and Christmas trees.


No matter what you grow, drones give you and your audience a bird’s eye view of your operations like nothing else can. After working with a lot of farmers, I know how proud they are of their land, and drone video and photography is the best way to show your customers what makes your location special and unique.


Outdoor Events


Another activity that has been hampered by the COVID-19 virus is the event industry. But as we learn more about the science, it’s become clear that outdoor activities are safer than indoors. 2021 is going to see the return of many events that were cancelled in 2020, and lots of events that have traditionally been held inside will be headed outdoors.


The best way to capture the full spectrum of your outdoor event is with a drone. Whether it’s a concert, a wedding, a local fair, or a sporting event, a drone will make sure that your event is commemorated, whether for your own memories, or for future marketing activities.




Here’s a fun fact. Did you know that today’s car commercials  never show any actual driving? Every single shot of a vehicle on the road in a modern commercial is created using CGI. Must be nice to have a multi-million dollar budget, right?


Of course, for local car dealerships, this isn’t an option. A drone is an affordable, effective option for helping your automotive business stand out that is available to anyone to use.


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These are just some of the many Oregon industries that can benefit from drone marketing. If you are looking to up your marketing game, feel free to reach out to discuss your business and get a free quote.