Why Your Oregon Business Does
NOT Need A Videographer

Why You Shouldn’t Hire A Videographer


Wait, what’s that? You probably found this page because you’re looking for a professional videographer for your Oregon or Washington business. And here I am telling you NOT to hire me? What gives? Watch the video below to learn more.


Let me put it plainly: video isn’t for every business. Yes, video marketing is the hot new thing, and yes it can be very effective. But only when it’s done right. Do it wrong, and you’re basically just throwing away your money. And I’m not interested in profiting off my clients’ misfortune.


The first question I ask anyone interested in hiring me for their video job is how they plan to get that video in front of their potential audience. If they don’t have a good answer, then they don’t need video. Of course, I’m happy to work with clients to get a clear marketing strategy in place and build out the things they need to make sure they get the most out of their video budget.


So why might your Oregon business not be ready to launch a video campaign? Let’s take a look:


Minimal (Or No) Web Presence


A lot of people look at video as a “build it and they will come” situation. Make a great landing page video for your website, and the web traffic will start pouring in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. SEO is difficult (anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something). It takes time and effort (and probably money) to build up your online presence and drive visitors to your website.


A professional video is not the first thing you should work on. Before considering video, make sure you have a website you’re proud of. Then figure out a plan for attracting attention, which will likely involve some combination of Google Business, Yelp, social media, SEO, and paid ad campaigns. Once you know that you have a steady stream of visitors, now it’s time to use video to more effectively create the kind of response you want.


Minimal (Or No) Social


Speaking of social media, the same advice regarding your website applies to social media. Video is a great tool for grabbing attention on social networks, and in fact the major platforms are highly interested in promoting your quality video content. But you should build up a solid base of followers before you start investing in video. Because what’s the point if people aren’t going to see your video.


This brings up another point that you should always be thinking about. Make sure your video content is evergreen, especially when you are just starting out. Whatever audience you have now, it’s only going to get larger in the future. When you make a landing page video or video content for your social channels, make sure it’s high quality and will be relevant six months and a year from now, so it can continue to have an impact as your audience (ie potential customers) grows.


Lack A Clear Mission Statement


A lot of times I’ll ask clients what they want their video to be about, and they will respond they are hoping for me to help them figure it out. This is a good sign that they haven’t thought about what their mission statement is.


You need to have a clear idea of what is special about your company and why you stand out from the competition. If you can’t communicate that to me effectively, then you aren’t ready for a video. Once you tell me what you want your video to be about, then it’s my job to make a great video that highlights all the things you mentioned.


No Marketing Strategy


If you don’t have any of the above, it probably means you don’t have a clear marketing strategy. But even when you do manage to have a good website and clear idea of what your business is about, that doesn’t mean you’ve formulated a marketing plan. Before you invest in video, figure out what exactly you want your videos to accomplish and set up a plan for how to make that happen.

One very effective use of video is to create calls to action for your website, directing visitors to particular assets or calling on them to take some desired action. For instance, you might ask them to sign up for a newsletter, claim a free gift, watch a demo of a product they are interested in buying, or watch testimonials from satisfied customers. I think you can imagine how each of these videos nicely fits in with a business’s marketing strategy, as opposed to a general all purpose video that just talks about how great your company is.


It’s A One Time Endeavor


If you’re idea is just to make one all-encompassing video and leave it at that, you probably don’t need video at all. While I agree that a first class landing page video is a great way to highlight your company, it’s even more effective when you have other video content sprinkled throughout your site, each one with a specific goal in mind.


Along those same lines, a lot of people approach me because they want to start a YouTube channel and hire me to make 2-5 videos. I can tell you right now that five videos on a YouTube channel means absolutely nothing. YouTube is all about recurring content, and if you want a successful channel you probably should upload at least one video per week.


That’s why I tell these people their best bet is take the money they were going to spend on me and buy their own gear and start producing regular content on their own. The truth is, quality of information and personality are much more important on YouTube than quality of video.


Look, I would love for you to hire me to make some videos. But if you don’t have the infrastructure in place to make your investment worthwhile, you aren’t ready for video.


In the meantime, I’ll be more than happy to have a conversation about how to build out a marketing strategy, increase your presence on social media, and all the other things that go along with a successful video marketing campaign. Let’s talk.