Five Ways Your Oregon Business Can Benefit From Video Testimonials

Five Ways Your Oregon Business Can Benefit From Video Testimonials


When it comes to video marketing, there’s one type of video that has consistently proven effective at attracting customers and converting clicks to sales: video testimonials. There’s a reason that so many commercials with national reach feature real life customers (or actors pretending to be real life customers). That’s because people are much more likely to try a product or service they know other people have already benefited from.


So what are some of the ways your Oregon business can achieve value from testimonial videos? Let’s take a look.


Testimonials Build Trust


Customer videos are an excellent method for helping people who might be skeptical about your business or products to overcome their hesitance. Seeing that other people who may have had the same doubts were happy they chose your company can make your business seem more credible, and might even be the tipping point towards making a purchase. That’s why placing testimonials on  your product page or at another location where you are hoping to persuade them to take a certain action will provide a reliable boost to your conversion rate.


Video Retains Viewers Better Than Text


Marketers need to be very familiar with the term retention rate. More important than just getting people to see your content is how long they actually engage with and remember it. And when talking about retention rate, nothing can compare to video. Studies have shown that people process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, and are much more likely to retain what they learned. While it’s important to realize that video is not a 100% replacement for text, there are a lot of ways that video is more effective than text and other content at reaching and activating your audience.


Testimonials Should Convey Your Overall Brand Message


While any customer video touting your product is a plus, there are certain ways to leverage testimonials that are more effective than others. The smartest marketing campaigns will incorporate customer testimonials that reinforce their overall brand message. For example, if your real estate company touts it’s personalized service and rapid response time, then you want to feature customers who were extremely satisfied with your agents’ responsiveness.


Videos Have A Higher Shareability


While it’s unlikely that your customer testimonial video will go viral, it’s undeniable that videos are much more likely to get shared than text. I’ve seen a lot of testimonials get shared by customers because it’s easier to just send a video to their friends than explain why they liked the product themselves. This kind of sharing can directly lead to more sales. And the best part about video is it’s easy to port content across platforms, making it a great option for social media.


Testimonials Make Excellent Social Content


Speaking of social, more than ever, your customers are making their buying decisions based on information they get on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. The great thing about video content is that it’s easy to adapt the same videos you host on your website for use on social. And while it’s possible to share a YouTube link on Facebook and Twitter, your videos will perform much better when you upload them directly to each platform. That’s because each of the big social media companies prioritize content that it hosts on its servers, rather than links to their competitors. Use that knowledge to your advantage, and let your customer testimonial videos boost your presence across all your social channels.


The bottom line: a video testimonial from a satisfied customer is an excellent way to impact your audience, boost your conversion rate, build trust, and enhance your brand image. Best of all, they are easy to make, and you should immediately see a return on your investment.


If you’re interested in making affordable and professional customer testimonials, let’s talk.