Video Highlights: James Recycling

Here’s the latest entry in my series on environmental issues in and around Oregon. This one features my interviews with James and Kathi Goldman, who founded James Recycling as a way to recycle many of the plastics that aren’t picked up by curbside recycling here in Oregon.
What traits do documentary videos share with commercial work? I’m glad you asked.
Good Marketing Is All About Telling A Good Story
You want to connect with your potential customers on an emotional level. Video is a great way to share your company story in a compelling way, and earn the trust and investment of your audience. That’s why documentary and commercial filmmaking go hand in hand.
If all your company video does is try and hard sell your customers, it probably won’t be very effective. Instead, you should work with a professional videographer to highlight the special attributes of your company, point out why its unique, and try to form a bond with the viewer that will make them more likely to purchase your product or service.

Style Equals Substance

Great video should communicate with more than words. You want your commercial video to also capture the style and tone of your brand. Just like a documentary should use a style that matches the subject of the film, a professional corporate video will do the same for your company.

Short And Sweet

One of the biggest mistakes that documentaries make is they try to stretch to reach a certain length when they don’t really have enough compelling content. Netflix is filled with plenty of multipart films that could have been a single episode, or feature films that would have been better as a short.
The same principle applies to commercial video. Do you really need a ten minute opus on the history of your company? Two to three minutes is probably enough. A 30-60 second video will often perform better than something that’s five minutes. Think about what is important to convey and aim to do so as economically as possible. Your viewer will thank you for it.
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