Why Live Streaming Is A Great
Choice For Your Oregon Event In 2021

Why Live Streaming Is A Great Choice For Your Oregon Event In 2021



Are you interested in live streaming for your upcoming event? There are a lot of reasons why this makes a lot of sense thanks to the pandemic. Let’s take a look at how your business or event can utilize live streaming to great effect.



With the pandemic shutting down so many events in 2020, many businesses and event companies are looking for a rebound in 2021. But even with the vaccine beginning to go out to people across the country, it’s likely going to be many months before things even approach a return to normalcy. Given all that, live streaming can bridge the gap between you and your company in a way that nothing else can.



Here’s why live streaming is a great option for your Oregon event this year:


Limited Travel



Even with the vaccine, travel is going to be extremely limited well into 2021. You might be blessed to live in a location where holding events is possible, but if you’re hoping for out of town visitors, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Live streaming allows you to hold your event while still reaching people who otherwise can’t make it for pandemic related reasons.



Smaller Crowds



As events begin to return in 2021, it’s almost certain that event organizers will be faced with size limits. Larger crowds won’t be allowed for quite some time. With live streaming, you only need to bring together your keynote speakers and major sponsors, allowing your potential customers to watch from the safety of their own home. And moving forward, no matter how many people do attend your event, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience via online streaming.


Global Audience



If you’re an Oregon-based business, it may be that you’re only worried about local customers. But for many companies, the goal is to expand and reach a larger customer base, both nationally and internationally. With live streaming, your event immediately becomes global in scope. People who may be unwilling to fly halfway across the world can easily flip open their laptop and connect with your company, your partners, and your sponsors through your live feed.



Blends Seamlessly With Social



A great thing about video, including live streaming, is that it works so well on your social media channels. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are more likely to promote video content, and that’s especially true when you go live. No matter what type of event you’re holding, whether it’s a seminar, a training session, a product launch, an awards ceremony, or a trade show, fully utilizing the power of social will ensure you reach a bigger audience.



Extend The Life Of Your Content



Events cost serious money, and it’s more important than ever to get a strong return on your investment. Live streaming your event means that your event does not need to be live. I know it’s counter-intuitive, but by recording your event, you can make sure that your programming has a much longer life cycle. You can use video from your event to thank sponsors, offer a recap to your audience, and promote future events.


Add it all up, and live streaming is really a no-brainer. By leveraging your event via social media and marketing, live streaming easily pays for itself, and allows Oregon businesses to extend their reach.


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