Why Your Corporate Event
Needs Video In 2021

Why Your Corporate Event Needs Video In 2021



More than ever, events are limited in terms of how many people can attend and how far their reach can extend. And the truth is that Covid-19 has just accelerated a trend that we’ve been noticing for years. It’s becoming harder than ever to get people into events, and more and more companies are looking for alternatives, including video and live streaming, to in-person attendance.
For all these reasons, video is a great way to get the most out of your corporate event budget in 2021. For a small fraction of your total event budget, you can hire a video production team to record your event and event to beam it out live. I know a lot of event organizers are worried about cutting into ticket sales but the reality is that video gives you an additional revenue stream that will live on long after the event itself.
So here are the top reasons why your Oregon event needs a video:
1. Not everyone can attend in person
Even if the pandemic weren’t a factor, there will always be people who aren’t able to attend your event, whether due to scheduling conflicts, travel issues, or limits on crowd size. But thanks to video, you can record your keynote speakers, seminars, product announcements, and more. Whether you’re live streaming as it happens or planning to post after the fact, video extends the reach of your event and allows your audience to be global in size.
2. Give your event a longer life
Under normal circumstances, the life cycle of your event is limited to a few weeks to months before (depending on your marketing budget) to a few weeks after. Then it will be forgotten. But with video, you allow your event to live on forever. You could create anything from a highlights video to a full recording of the entire program. Whatever your plan, video turns your event into evergreen content that can endure and continue to return on your original investment months or even years later.
3. Future training material
Video is especially well-suited for training events. Imagine being able to leverage your training seminar with employees that you haven’t even hire yet. That’s possible when you record your event for future prosperity. You can even work with your videographer to turn your presentation materials into motion graphics or animations that will make it unnecessary to hold future events. Just give your trainees access to your videos!
4. Supplement your marketing efforts
One great way to increase the value of your event is to incorporate event video into your future marketing. It might be as simple as using video to market future events in the same vein. But you can also leverage the event in all aspects of your marketing efforts. Video is particularly well-suited for promotion on social media, as each of the major platforms is committed to prioritizing video content. And that’s unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. So use your 2021 event to help attract future customers.
5. You can get a sponsor to pay for it
Worried about how much video might cost? This is obviously an important consideration, especially considering that your event budget is probably already stretched thin. But have you thought about getting a sponsor to help (or entirely) pay for your video? Not only does this allow you to get free content but it also helps to build a closer relationship with an important partner.
6. Fun memories
Finally, video is a great way to commemorate a fun event and ensure that it will never be forgotten. Your employees, partners, and customers will love seeing a particularly exciting event video, such as from a holiday party or awards ceremony. Make sure your event is always remembered, with video.
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