How To Safely Host (And Video)
A Corporate Party In 2021

How To Safely Host (and Video) A Corporate Party in 2021



Hosting a company party in 2020 was nearly impossible due to the pandemic and strict regulations necessitated by COVID-19. But as things gradually get back to normal thanks to the rollout of the vaccine, we can look forward to some return to normalcy on the events front. That includes the ability to host a company party in 2021.


But just because something is allowed doesn’t mean it’s a good decision. Companies looking to host a corporate or holiday party, awards ceremony, sponsor event, or other gatherings of employees and partners are going to need to make some tough decisions about when it’s safe to do so and how to do so while still mitigating risk.


One way to ensure that your Oregon company party both prioritizes safety while maximizing involvement and fun is to incorporate a professional event videographer. This will ensure that you maximize your investment, get everyone involved, and commemorate the event for posterity.



I’ve been involved in the events industry for several years, and am experienced videoing all types of company parties and gatherings. Here are my recommendations for ensuring the safety of your party in 2021:


Limit The Attendance



Naturally, if you’re going through the trouble of hosting a company party, you want as many people to participate as possible. But with the current reality, small gatherings should definitely be prioritized over large crowds. This means you’re going to need to make some tough decisions about who’s on the invite list.


Using a video or live streaming company will allow you to get more people involved than might have otherwise been possible. Some companies are paying celebrities to speak at the gatherings via zoom. Others are beaming in live music acts. For smaller companies, this may be outside the budget, but a video or live stream can allow a company with several branches around the state to hold simultaneous parties in separate locations. These are just a few examples of how you can use video to keep your number of guests low while not leaving anyone out.



Pick A Safe Venue



We’ve learned a lot over the last year about the importance of good ventilation and wide open spaces. If  you’re hosting your company party inside, whether because of weather concerns or some other reason, make sure to pick a location that is safe for the number of people you expect.



Examples of places that make sense during the pandemic include warehouses, ballrooms, convention centers, open-air restaurants, museums, or galleries. If you’re not sure, think of a place with high ceilings, lots of windows or the ability to open up one wall, or with a mix of indoor and outdoor space.




Move Your Event Outdoors


Better yet, why not move your entire party outside. While this may not be an option during the Oregon winter, summers offer lots of sunny days and great weather, perfect for an outdoor company party. This means you won’t have to limit your attendance as much, and everyone will breath a little easier.



Plus, your employees and guests will appreciate the change of scenery. You could even go one step further, and hold an outdoor event such as a golfing day, company picnic, or river boating excursion that your staff will never forget (another great reason to hire a videographer to document it!).



Make Masking Fun

Indoors or out, masks will likely still be required for the foreseeable future. Why not have fun with masks, and come up with a theme that makes wearing a mask a little bit more fun.



Perhaps you can hold a competition to see who has the best or funniest mask. Or you could ask guests to wear costumes centered around a theme, and masks need to be incorporated. Whether it’s a masquerade or some other idea, giving people a reason to be masked besides the pandemic can be fun, and a welcome change of pace.



Get Creative



Let’s be honest. This has been a challenging year, and it’s forcing all of us to adapt in new and creative ways. Apply that same kind of ingenuity to your next corporate party. Obviously we all wish the pandemic were over, but the day may be a long ways off when everything is completely back to normal. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your next company party.



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