How To Effectively Use Video
On Your Company Website

How To Effectively Use Video On Your Company Website



Video marketing is a great idea for your company website, but what type of video content you use makes a big difference. When you’re deciding on whether and how much to invest in video as part of your overall marketing strategy and web presence, it’s important to understand all the different options and how each one might tie in to your intended goals.
To help businesses better develop their video marketing strategies, here are my top tips on how to effectively use video on your business’s website:
1. Landing Page Video
This is the most obvious choice, and a good one for businesses that don’t have a large budget for video but want the positive branding boost that video content provides. A well-made landing page video can introduce your company, define what your business stands for, and create a positive first impression for first-time visitors.
Even better, your landing page video can also be used on your social media channels, such as your Facebook page, and can even be edited into smaller pieces for posting on Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and more.
2. Calls To Action
An excellent use of video is as a call to action at key decision points on your website. These short video clips can give your visitors a reason to take the desired action you’re hoping for, acting as that final nudge. Examples include signing up for your newsletter, providing their contact information, visiting your online store, or making a purchase.
Video is the best way to replicate the in person sales experience, allowing you to speak directly to them, give them the most important information about your products, and convince them why choosing your company is a great idea.
3. Product Demos
Whether your company sells one specific product or service, or has a whole catalog full of gadgets, product demos allow you to highlight what sets your company’s products apart from the competition. Video can help introduce unfamiliar product niches, or can showcase the latest features that are unique to your company.
Better yet, creating video for each one of your products helps with the SEO for your website as a whole, as well as each individual product, ensuring better page rankings in Google.
4. Tutorials
Similar to product demos, tutorials are very useful as a teaching tool for your products and services. Not only do they help cut down on calls to your customer service hotline, but they also show your potential customers that you care about more than just making a sale. Tutorials also keep people coming back to your website, where they can learn about new products they hadn’t heard of before.
Knowing that you are invested in your customers beyond just a quick profit is a great way to build a lasting relationship and keep them coming back for more.
5. Testimonials
Another no-brainer when it comes to video content is customer testimonials. These let your potential customers know that your product or service has been well received by others and helps build trust in your brand. The best part is your customers don’t even have to watch these videos to have a positive effect. Just knowing they are on your website is sometimes enough.
I recommend taking one or two quotes from the testimonials and putting them in text above or below the video on your website. These pull quotes help reinforce your branding and draw people in.
6. Coming Attractions
Finally, you can use featured videos to show off what you have in the pipeline. Hype up new products or big changes that are on the way. This helps build anticipation and gives people another reason to return to your website at a future date.
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