How To Effectively Use Video
To Improve Your SEO

How To Effectively Use Video To Improve Your SEO



SEO is much harder than most SEO “professionals” would have you believe. Take it from someone who got his start working for one of the country’s first and largest SEO companies (which was started right here in Oregon!). If SEO were easy, everyone would be doing it, which would make it very hard to be effective. That’s why video needs to be a part of your SEO strategy.
The bottom line is that targeted video content is one of the most effective ways you can boost your SEO. This is because Google, which also owns YouTube, has a vested interested in returning search results that feature video. While you’ll need a comprehensive strategy to really succeed at SEO, there are a number of things you can be doing to stand out with a modest budget.
Let’s take a look at the top ways you can use video to boost your SEO rankings:
1. Use Video On Your Most Important Pages
Before starting on your SEO strategy, make a list of the most important pages on your website, the sections most important to your business and where you want to direct the bulk of your visitors. Each of these pages need a video that summarizes what this page is about.
If it’s your main product page, talk about your products, what makes them special, and how your customers can use your website to make purchases. If it’s the page listing all of your Oregon store locations, make a video featuring each of your stores with the relevant information.
These videos will help drive traffic to your most important pages while also giving your customers another way of discovering your business.
2. Your Video Titles Should Match Your Targeted Keywords
The first step to any successful SEO plan is formulating a comprehensive list of your target keywords. Use these as suggestions for what your videos should be about. Then make videos with the exact titles that match your keywords.
For an example, let’s say you are a Portland real estate broker who wants to expand into neighboring cities. You’d want a video titled, Portland Real Estate Broker, as well as videos for Salem Real Estate Broker, Eugene Real Estate Broker, and every other location you’re interested in. You can even get more specific, with videos for each neighborhood you want to sell real estate in, such as Pearl District Real Estate Agent in Portland, Oregon.
This may seem like overkill, but that’s exactly the point. You’re letting Google know that you have content for every important search query that pertains to your business, and making it more likely that your videos get shown on the first page after a search.
3. Use Videos To Answer Commonly Asked Questions
Another feature you may have noticed when searching on Google is a section near the top of the search returns that says People Also Ask. Then they will provide three or four questions people frequently search for that are related to your query. Find out what these questions are that are related to your business, and then make videos answering each one.
You can locate these on an FAQ on your website, and also create individual blog posts for each question. Doing so will have a multiplier effect, making it more likely that your videos show up in search results, as well as the pages and blog posts you’ve created.
4. Videos For Your Blog Posts
Along those same lines, each of your blog posts should have a video associated with it. Just like the video you see at the bottom of this page, the video/blog post combination is a powerful way to boost your SEO rankings in Google.
The production quality of these videos doesn’t even need to be extremely high. This all depends on your brand image, and what level of quality and professionalism you mean to project. But for many businesses, answering questions and discussing blog topics on videos shot with an iPhone will be enough.
The one thing I’d recommend is finding some kind of microphone or sound recorder that ensures your videos have quality sound. While phones these days make professional looking video, they still have pretty far to go when it comes to audio.
5. Tie Video Into Your Social Presence
A smart video marketing strategy will make sure that your video content is tailored for your social media channels as well. This repurposing of your content helps to maximize your investment and gives your assets a longer life across a variety of platforms.
One important thing to keep in mind is that the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, are prioritizing video content just like Google is. But only if that content is hosted on their platform. You’ll want to upload videos directly to each platform that is important to your business, rather than for instance just sharing a YouTube link on your Facebook page.
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