How Video Marketing Can Help
Your Real Estate Business

How Video Marketing Can Help Your Real Estate Business



Video marketing is a great way for your real estate business to improve your reach, boost your brand recognition, and win more business. Video is one of the most effective ways in 2021 to connect with customers and build trust, and while there is more of an investment involved than some other ways, the ROI is measurable and well worth it, especially in terms of increased conversions on your website.
Video and content marketing can help your business in the following ways:
1. Let your potential customers get to know you
Video is one of the most intimate and direct forms of communication, perhaps second only to face-to-face interactions. With covid-19 making in person contact more problematic, video allows you to form a relationship with potential buyers and sellers before they ever meet you, allowing you to get a head start on that all important networking.

2. Improve your website’s SEO
SEO is a popular buzzword when it comes to digital marketing. But too many marketers are making promises they can’t back up. The truth is that SEO is really hard and competitive. I know, because I got my start in SEO marketing and I’ve been involved in search engine optimization since the internet first began. Google and other search platforms love the latest new thing, and video is becoming more and more a part of SEO every year. I can help your business strategically use video to greatly boost your SEO.
3. Promote yourself in the field as an expert
A lot of real estate agents and brokers are using video to establish themselves as leaders in a particular real estate market. Buyers and sellers want to work with people they can trust to be knowledgeable and effective at their jobs, and video is a great way to communicate that in a clear and succinct fashion.
4. Build trust with testimonials

One of the best way to nudge potential clients to take a desire action is with video testimonials of past customers of your. The best way to convey to client base that you are easy to work with and good at your job is having one of their peers say it to them in short and clear video clips. Hearing it from them instead of you is much more effective and is especially important when you can bet that many of your competitors already have great testimonials on their websites.

5. Boost your presence on social media

Of course, no marketing plan today is complete without considering social media. Using video on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube pages is one of the best ways to get your posts seen by more people. The best part is that you can repurpose video content that was meant for other uses, creating extra value from your marketing content.


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