Drone Highlights: The Oregon Coast


Here are some aerial shots from a recent trip to Newport, Oregon. We were doing an indoor shoot at a local business, but I brought the drone alone in case I could get a few minutes away. This was the result.



I realized after a few shots at Devil’s Punchbowl that we took off in a restricted zone. Totally unintentional! I checked the map beforehand and it was not restricted, and did not see the (one) sign they had posted at the parking lot. As soon as it was pointed out, I immediately landed. In any case, the lesson is to always be very careful about being fully licensed (I am) and checking beforehand what restrictions may be in place at a particular location (I did).


Any even more important lesson, the Oregon Coast is amazingly beautiful, and a drone is one of the best ways to show it off.

If you’re in the market for some professional drone footage, please get in touch: doc@pdxvideographer.com