How SEO Videos Can Grow
Your Oregon Business

How SEO Videos Can Grow Your Oregon Business



I was recently hired by a Freight Factoring Company to produce an ongoing series of short, targeted videos for their website. I’m contracted for 4 videos per month, which is exactly how many I normally recommend to my clients. They also correspond to previously written blog posts so that we’re maximizing the SEO potential with both written and video content targeting the same keyword phrases.
The truth is that SEO video is probably the cheapest way for a small business to produce original, high-quality, professional video for their website. These videos are easy and cheap to make, because they are entirely made up of stock images and footage. The scripts are taken directly from the blog posts they have already completed, and I am able to do the voice over in my home studio. Packages are extremely affordable, especially when you contract three months or more of content in advance.
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A little bit about this current project: This U.S. based freight factoring company offers drivers and fleet managers access to immediate cash and a number of services to help them better manage their cash flow. Their SEO has a very targeted audience of truckers, shippers, and fleet employees, so all the content is trucking and finance related (often both).

The best way to maximize the value of your SEO video is to make sure each video is titled with your targeted keywords. A good rule of thumb is to imagine what people in your target customer base are googling and then checking out the related searches and questions that Google lists in the search returns. If you have videos that answer these questions and directly address these topics, then there’s a high likelihood your videos will appear on the first page of results. And embedding the videos on your website will also increase the chances your pages will pop up in the search results as well.
There’s more to effective SEO of course, and smart businesses will make sure their SEO efforts fit seamlessly into their overall marketing plans. It also takes time and commitment for the results to became apparent. It won’t happen overnight. But Oregon business owners with the vision to plan ahead and the willingness to invest in their business growth will find that SEO video is a great way to stand out from your competitors and reach more customers.
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I’m an experienced videographer and drone operator with a strong background in SEO. I do more than just video production, and will work with small and medium-sized businesses to create a plan and execute on it. If you want to give your website traffic a boost, let’s discuss about how video can help.
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