How Much Should You Pay
For A Videographer?

How Much Should You Pay For A Videographer?


It’s the most obvious question, but finding out how much a videographer charges can be very difficult. That’s because a lot goes into pricing a video production, and all the variables need to be taken into account before a final price can be provided. But even so, videographers can learn to do a better job of outlining their prices.
At PDX Videographer, we want to make it easy for you. While it’s impossible to give an exact price before consulting your specific needs, you’ll find an overview of our pricing structure along with some current packages that are available at special discounts. (Coming May 2021)
The following guidelines also help business owners and marketers get a better idea of how to price video shoots and some tips for controlling costs, so you can get the maximum value for an affordable price.
1. Video Production House Vs Freelance Videographer

One of the first considerations is whether you will hire a full service production team or a freelance videographer. A lot of this will depend on the job involved (an ongoing marketing campaign vs. a single event) as well as what kind of budget you have and the amount of time you have to manage the project. Obviously the former will cost significantly more, and while you should be able to expect hire quality, this is not always the case, and there are plenty of freelancers doing amazing work.


At PDX Videographer, I’ve tried to create the best of both worlds. I’m a freelancer whose assembled a network of complementary camera operators, audio technicians, animators, and more, meaning we’re able to offer agency quality work at freelance pricing.


2. How Many Shoots?
Obviously, no price package can be accurate before knowing how many locations we need to shoot at. For example, there’s a clear difference between filming five customer testimonials at your business versus filming five testimonials at five different spots. The former will be much more cost effective.
3. How Many Camera Operators?
Another important factor is how many cameras you’ll need for your production or event. If you want two cameras that are constantly moving, that requires two operators, whereas I can manage two stationary cameras at the same time by myself. We’ll also need to discuss what other support you’ll need, including a dedicated audio person, gaffer, and more.
4. How Many Edits?
In general, most of my packages include three rounds of edits, meaning after you have seen the first rough cut, you’ll get to request two sets of revisions. Other videographers might offer only one set of revisions, so it’s important to ask about what is included before you sign the contract.
5. How Much Gear Is Required?

The basic camera gear needed to produce your video will already be included, but if you need extras, such as a drone, special lights, special audio, or other additional gear, that will be figured into the final price.

6. How Many Videos?

The number of videos you need will also affect the final price. In general, it is cheaper to edit several pieces from one shoot than it is to do two shoots for one finished video. Likewise, it will be much cheaper to provide one complete video of an entire seminar than it will be to break that seminar into multiple short clips, or even editing an hour long talk to just the five minute highlights.


7. High Value Content


My number one goal is to maximize the value that my clients are getting from their video content. That means I always build multiple videos into a single package. For instance, if you need a 3-minute about us video for your landing page, I’ll also include a 30-60 second cutdown that will be more appropriate for social media, giving you more value for your investment.


The Bottom Line


Check out my pricing page (Coming by May 2021) for my latest package pricing and special deals. But as a general rule you should expect to pay somewhere between $1000 and $2500 for a video package.


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I’m a Portland-area videographer and drone operator with a strong background in social media and digital marketing. To learn more about my pricing or discuss how video can help your Oregon business, contact me at
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