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Hi, I’m Decater Collins.

I Help Businesses Increase Sales, Boost Their Profits, and Build a Winning Marketing Strategy.

I also Fly Drones.

Drones are Cool.

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Video Marketing

We understand that video is an increasingly important part of online marketing. A great video will help you achieve your marketing goals and objectives. Our team of experts will work with you to create a video that is creative, engaging, and truly represents your brand. And hopefully it's going to involve drones.

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Web Design & SEO

When you hire the Web Design + SEO experts at PDX Videographer, you'll get a website that looks great and is optimized for a top search engine ranking. We have years of experience creating successful websites for businesses of all sizes and can do the same for you. Plus, our SEO services will help you get traffic from your target market right away.

Email Marketing & Copywriting

The written word is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to get your audience's attention, and it's a great way to stay top of mind. But, like all forms of marketing, email and blogging require a well-crafted strategy to be effective. That's where our team of experienced email marketers comes in. We can help you create a campaign that will engage and convert your target audience.

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Our team of fully-licensed drone pilots offers businesses in the Pacific Northwest quality aerial footage and photographs. We understand the importance of having high-quality video and images to help businesses promote their products and services, and our team is dedicated to providing this service at a competitive price.

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