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Food And Beverage Videography For Portland And Beyond

You may be asking yourself why you need videography for your restaurant, bar, or brewery. Isn’t photography enough? Here are the top reasons why your Oregon business needs food and beverage video marketing.

The Future of Food and Beverage Videography

First of all, more and more of people’s time spent online involves watching video. According to data from a Cisco white paper, 82% of all internet traffic will be video by 2022. That means moving forward, video is going to be the best and most direct way to connect with your potential customers, whether it’s hosting video on your website, posting video to your social media channels, or advertising through platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Not only that, but consumers are more likely to engage with and respond to video than something they have to read. It might be because of shrinking attention spans, or simply a matter of convenience, but people prefer video. If your restaurant doesn’t incorporate video as part of its marketing strategy, you can bet your competitors will. Don’t get left behind.

Make your food and beverage products look their best

Besides, high-quality professional video is a great way to connect with your potential customers and show off your amazing dishes. There are a number of different strategies you can employ when it comes to video, depending upon your size and your target audience, but they all share one thing in common: they must showcase the best of what your business has to offer!

Obviously, if you are venturing into video, you’ll want to place the primary focus on the food itself. Great food and beverage videography is an art in and of itself. Choosing a videographer who hasn’t worked with food before is a recipe for disaster (pun intended!). This is because good close-up videography, just like photography, requires specialized equipment, such as macro lenses, professional lighting, and either a studio or kitchen space.

Highlight Your Food, and the People Who Make it

But in addition to the food itself, you’ll likely want to show off the people behind the food. Interviews with your head chef or chief brewer are a great way to let people know what your restaurant is all about, and what kind of experience they can expect when they visit for the first time.

While many people want to show their restaurant or bar full of happy customers, this can be challenging. Not only is it logistically more difficult to shoot a video while your venue is open for business, but you also need to consider legal issues such as signed releases for everyone who will appear in your video. This is why it’s often preferable to shoot an empty restaurant, or focus on more intimate shots, like individual diners and closeups of the food.

Another option is to shoot customer testimonials. This should be easy to pull off, especially if you’re offering free food to people who agree to go on camera. 

A Professional Food and Beverage Videographer

Whatever direction you chose to go, you’ll want to work with a Portland, Oregon videographer who has food experience. You’ll be happy to know that I’m as passionate about filming great food as I am about eating it.

Examples of clients I've worked with previously on food and beverage include videos include Palermo, Grön Chocolate, Royale Brewing Company, Hatsune, Livvie Smalls (Portland CBD chef), the Dump Truck, and the Cultivation Classic.

I'm Decater Collins, a Portland-based videographer and marketing specialist. To inquire about my services, click here.


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