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How To Avoid Bad Audio Ruining Your Video

It’s a scenario that’s happened to all of us at one point or another. You spend hours on a shoot getting every visual detail just right, from the lighting to the background to the hair and make up. But when you get the footage uploaded and start going over it, you realize that something went wrong with the audio and the interview that you labored over has been ruined.

If you’re investing in video you need everything to be just right. Businesses can’t afford to create content for their marketing portals that doesn’t live up to the same quality that consumers expect from your products. That’s why audio is just as important, if not more so, than your video.

The following are some tips that businesses should follow in order to have great audio in their video content.

Don’t Use The In Camera Mic

Pretty much every camera and mobile phone that can record video also has an in-camera microphone for recording sound. Don’t EVER use this microphone for your professional video shoots. You need a separate microphone, either that connects directly to your camera, or that is recording to a separate device that is dedicated to that exclusive purpose.

Always Have A Back Up

Any one microphone might have a problem, whether it’s internal to the device or because of some ambient noise that is picked up on location. Having two separate high-quality recordings that are distinct from each other is the best way to ensure that you have at least one perfect take.

Make Sure The Audio And Video Are In Sync

Too many times I see video online that looks good, but the audio is out of sync from the video. Sometimes that’s a problem with the download, but frequently it’s because of an inexperienced editor who didn’t take the necessary steps during filming to ensure that it is easy to sync up in post-production.

Film Interviews In A Quiet Room

Whenever possible, you want to film your professional interviews in a quiet spot, whether it’s an office, conference room, or a secluded location outside. Unfortunately, this is not always an option, so if your interview needs to be in a place with a less than ideal sound environment, you’ll have to invest more in professional audio.

Avoid Off Screen Sound

When there is sound that’s going to interfere with your interview, make sure that the audience can see this on screen. If there are construction vehicles, and the viewers can see them in the background, they’ll be more forgiving of the lousy audio. But if you’re in an office, and you’re picking up traffic outside, that will just be distracting and should be avoided whenever possible.

The Bottom Line

Even though the visuals get more attention, audio is just as important when it comes to video marketing. Make sure you work with a professional videographer who prioritizes high quality audio when deciding who to hire.

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I’m a Portland-area videographer and drone operator with a strong background in audio and storytelling. To learn more about how video marketing can provide a boost to your Oregon business, contact me at

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