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How To Succeed With Drone Marketing In 2023

Are you looking to incorporate drone photography or video into your marketing content? Here are some tips on how to best utilize aerial footage to maximize its impact and attract more customers.

Technology is always changing, and this is especially noticeable in the marketing and advertising industries. What was cutting edge three years ago might already be out of fashion. Drones are a great example of a technology that is having a transformative effect in ways that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

The best part is that because of the accelerating technology and decreasing price points, it's not just Hollywood studios and international marketing agencies that have access to drones. You may be visiting this page because you noticed one of your competitors has drone footage on their website and social media. More companies than ever before are recognizing the value that drones have on their businesses, whether its highlighting a new product, showcasing their storefront or facility, or leveraging drone footage in their marketing plan.

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Why Drones?

Drones (also called unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs, are a miniature helicopter, usually with four propellors that afford them tremendous speed and agility in the air. They can be flown via remote control by experienced operators and are subject to FAA regulations.

The first thing you should be aware of is that you should only hire a fully licensed and insured drone pilot who is compliant with FAR part 109 regulations (Like I am!).

Which industries can most benefit from drones?

Commercial drone use is increasing in a wide variety of industries, in particular when it comes to marketing. It's rare that a car commercial or insurance ad doesn't have at least one drone shot in it. Oregon industries that are already making good use of drone advertising include real estate, travel and tourism, transportation, outdoor goods, events, and food and beverage.

But drone use isn't limited to advertising. A lot of businesses are taking advantage of drones as part of their core business. This includes agriculture, construction, news media, film production, oil and gas, green energy, and others. Many business owners are learning the value of surveying, inspecting, and recording their facilities from the air.

What kind of impact can drones have on marketing content?

Just take a look at a piece of real estate shot from the ground and then shot by a drone, and you'll immediately understand why drones are so popular. Drone’s offer a completely new view of a subject, whether they are hovering a few feet off the ground, or hundreds of feet in the air. And the fact that drones can do both in a single flight gives you an idea of their versatility.

Drone footage, whether photos or videos, can either complement or take center stage in your marketing campaign. Just remember that a drone image will stand out much more than traditional photography and videography. It's a good idea to use the drone footage as an introductory attention getter. I also like to end my videos with a clip of the drone gradually pulling away from my subject as this lends itself to a fade out and can be quite memorable.

However you use a drone, make sure the footage you use is both dynamic and thematically relevant. If you have a business located in Bend, showing footage of the Oregon Coast in your campaign may not make the most sense. Likewise, make sure that your drone operator is including compelling movement and engaging editing in your video, otherwise your beautiful footage may be wasted.

How to take advantage of drone footage

There are a lot of options when it comes to drone video and photos. Many businesses are featuring drone content on their website landing pages. Or course, it's a no-brainer to utilize drone footage on your social media channels. The #drone hashtag should immediately boost the number of views and the amount of engagement you're getting. Another great way to incorporate aerial visuals is in presentations and trade show booths. And don't forget company newsletters and digital advertisements.

If you have a YouTube channel, incorporating drone footage should be a high priority. Internet users spend more time on sites that include video, and YouTube is now the world's second largest search engine. Anything that will boost your visibility via video is a necessity in order to stand out, and nothing compares to the impact drone imagery has.

Why the Pacific Northwest is perfect for drone marketing?

There are a few reasons why the Pacific Northwest, which includes the states of Washington and Oregon in the United States, might be a good place for drone marketing:

  1. Beautiful landscapes: The Pacific Northwest is known for its beautiful landscapes, including mountains, forests, and coastlines, which can make for stunning aerial footage captured by drones.

  2. Technology-savvy population: The Pacific Northwest is home to many tech-savvy individuals and companies, which means there may be a greater willingness to adopt new technologies like drones for marketing purposes.

  3. Favorable drone regulations: Both Washington and Oregon have relatively favorable regulations for drone use, which makes it easier for businesses to use drones for marketing purposes.

  4. Growing drone industry: The drone industry is rapidly growing and evolving, and the Pacific Northwest is home to a number of companies and organizations working on drone technology and related industries. This can create opportunities for businesses to use drones as part of their marketing efforts.

Overall, the combination of stunning landscapes, a tech-savvy population, favorable drone regulations, and a growing drone industry make the Pacific Northwest a good place for businesses to consider using drones for marketing purposes.

Looking to have an impact?

With fifteen plus years of experience in public relations, video marketing, SEO, and social media, Decater Collins has the expertise and execution to take your Oregon-based marketing campaigns to the next level.


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