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Why Your Oregon Company Needs A Landing Page Video

Why is a landing page video a great investment? Here are five reasons why your Oregon business can benefit from a high-quality landing page video on your homepage (as well as why you might want to wait before investing in a video).

A video landing page is a homepage for your website with an embedded video that highlights your brand and shows off your latest products. It might be a full screen background (see my home page) or an embedded video that introduces your company to your potential customers.

Show Your Company In The Best Light

A professionally made video is one of the best ways to showcase your company. It tells your potential customers that you are an established brand and gives you a chance to directly and immediately influence their perception of you. It’s also a great way to share your company’s mission statement and convey important information quickly and clearly.

The fact is that a company video is the best way to impress your website visitors and convince them that you are a premium, trustworthy brand.

Boost Your SEO With Video

Google places a high emphasis on video content that’s embedded on web pages, and that emphasis continues to increase every year. If you already have SEO implemented on your website, and especially if you are running Google ad campaigns, a landing page video that is keyworded to match your most important search terms will almost immediately boost traffic.

A word of warning however: If your site is currently seeing very little traffic or if you don’t know the first thing about SEO, a video isn’t magically going to attract customers on its own. Your first goal should be to revamp your website and make sure you are following SEO best practices, and then add a video landing page.

Video Will Increase Your Conversion Rate

A well-made landing page video will do more than just introduce your company. It will also direct viewers to take some tangible action, whether that’s to fill out your contact form, visit your product page, or sign up for a mailing list. It’s also an excellent way to highlight your key products. Be sure to include your best selling points.

A single landing page video works best for smaller companies. If you have a large website with multiple sections, you may want to create a series of videos that introduce individual products, highlight different next actions, and more. In this case, your landing page video will be more of a general introduction to the company and your website, with one or two suggested actions.

Video Is Great For Mobile

With so many different options for surfing the web, from large desk top computers to laptops, tablets, and phones, it is more complicated than ever to create a website that looks great on all these different devices. But the great thing about video is it works just as well on a small hand-held gadget as it does on a television screen.

Most importantly, mobile users are more accustomed than ever to video. That’s why video consumption is up on all social media platforms. Today’s visitors to your website might not just appreciate a landing page video, they may expect it.

Not yet convinced? Remember, while you might not have a company video, your competitors do have them. Don’t get left behind.

Contact PDX Videographer today to learn more about how your Oregon business can best take advantage of video landing pages.

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