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Top Oregon Businesses That Should Hire A Professional Videographer

Are you thinking about hiring a videographer, but aren’t sure if it will be a good investment for your business? Here are the top Oregon industries that definitely can take advantage of video in their marketing strategies.

Video is more popular than ever. Any business that isn’t taking advantage of video as a marketing tool is missing out. Video allows you to share your brand story in a compelling way, while speaking directly to your customers. Today we’re looking at the particular industries in Portland and Oregon as a whole that can most benefit from hiring a videographer.

Real Estate Video

It’s no surprise that real estate would be the first industry on the list of businesses that can take advantage of video marketing. Whether you are listing a new house, are a realtor that deals with dozen of homes at any given time, or are looking to list your home on Air BnB, having a professional video to show off your property is essential in 2020.

One of the best ways to film real estate is with drone photography. In fact, you may find that real estate listings that don’t have drone footage are ignored. If you decide to work with a drone videographer, make sure that they are properly licensed and follow all relevant safety regulations.

Food And Beverage Video

What better way to market your Oregon restaurant, brewery, or winery than with premium food videography. Websites and social media channels for food and beverage venues should definitely feature high quality, close up video of your best offerings.

Company Events Videos

If you’re running an Oregon event, whether it’s public facing, such as trade shows, product launches, or seminars, or private/internal events, such as trainings, corporate parties, or annual awards, having video of your important event means that you can not only include people who can’t attend your event, but also allows you to commemorate it and create long term content associated with your event.

Of course, the event industry is definitely taking a hit from Covid-19. While you might be waiting until public gatherings are able to safely proceed, you can circumvent social distancing by live-streaming your event.

Law Firm Video

Professional services provided by lawyers require a certain level of branding that conveys the quality and experienced assistance that your clients can expect. Premium video can go a long way to showcasing your law firm as a leader in Oregon.

Cannabis Video

As a relatively new industry in Oregon, cannabis businesses have unique challenges that most traditional businesses don’t have to worry about. Chief among them is that advertising and marketing endeavors by cannabis businesses are highly regulated. This means they must look to social media and non-traditional means of advertising.

Video marketing is a great option for the cannabis industry, whether via your website, social media channels, or trade shows.

Travel And Hospitality Videos

Oregon is one of the most scenic locations in the world. From the beautiful coast to the spectacular mountains of the cascade range to the amazing vistas of the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon offers visitors unparalleled recreational options. If you are a business working in Oregon’s travel or hospitality industry, being able to show off what your customers can look forward to is a whole lot easier with professional video, including drone footage.

As an example, I just signed a contract with the city of Oregon City to produce a series of fourteen videos highlighting the historic museums, monuments, and scenic spots that can be found in the city. This is a great way to show out of towners why they should pay Oregon a visit.

At PDX Videographer, I love working with local Oregon businesses on premium video content. To learn more or schedule a free consultation, reach out today.


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