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How To Tell The Difference Between A Professional And Amateur Videographer?

Have you been wanting to hire an Oregon videographer for your video marketing, but you don’t know how to tell the difference between a professional and an amateur? This dilemma is perhaps one of the biggest hurdles many businesses face when it comes to hiring a professional videographer. 

Let’s be honest. Video content can be a big investment. You’ll be spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars to do it right. And while you would be right in believing that video marketing is a great opportunity to grow your business, you also need to be careful that you are getting your money’s worth. 

So how do you find great videographer and how do you know that they can deliver on what they promise? Here are some helpful tips on how to book a great videographer without breaking your budget. 

Check Their Portfolio 

There’s no better way of discovering the talent level of the creative you want to work with than to look at their past work. For a videographer, that should include a professional reel. If someone is advertising themselves as a quality videographer but doesn’t have an extensive body of work to show you, then that should be an immediate red flag that you need to look elsewhere. 

It’s also a good idea to find someone that’s experienced with the specific type of video that you want. If you’re in the real estate industry, you’ll want to see examples of real estate videos, including drone shots. If you’re looking for a professional interview, ask if they have an interview reel or can show you examples of past interviews they’ve done. 

Find Someone Local 

When you start googling for a professional videographer, the top listings will probably be national agencies or companies. They may seem like a tempting option, especially as many of them offer extremely affordable packages. Unfortunately, these types of companies have very thin margins and make their money based on volume rather than quality and repeat business. 

The biggest problem is that these agencies are going to turn around the moment you hire them and find a local videographer to shoot your piece. You won’t have any say in who they hire, and won’t have the chance to preview their work beforehand. These are typically low-end freelancers, that you could have hired yourself without paying a go-between.

This is why you should find a local videographer that you trust rather than hiring someone from out of town. 

Ask About A Contract 

Another sign that you’re dealing with an amateur is when they don’t have a contract for you to sign. I know for some companies, they see this as a positive, because they think it allows them more flexibility and they won’t be locked into anything. But it’s actually exposing you to a lot of potential problems down the road. 

A professional videographer will have a standard contract ready for you to sign. The aim of such a document is to protect BOTH parties from any potential miscommunications or liabilities. A good contract will clearly state who owns the finished content and what right each party has to use the footage.

If your videographer is unwilling or unable to sign a contract, this should be a major strike against them. 

Do They Own A Drone 

Depending on what industry you’re in, a drone could be a major deal breaker. If your videographer doesn’t have a drone themselves, that means that one of you will need to hire a drone operator separately, which could nearly double the cost to you.

If you want aerial footage as part of your video, find a videographer who owns their own drone. Whereas other gear, including lights and cameras, can be rented, drones pilots need a great deal of training and federal certification to be able to fly commercially, and they are almost certainly going to own the drone themselves. 

Make Sure Your Potential Videographer Gives You A Good Vibe

Gefore you make your final decision, you should take the time to learn whether the videographer you choose is professional and communicates well. You're looking to hire a professional and that means they should act like a professional.

A professional videographer will be punctual, organized, and respectful of your time and space. They will also be able to clearly communicate their vision for your project and answer any questions you have. If you're not getting this level of service from a videographer, it's best to keep looking.

It's especially telling if before you've even signed an agreement if they aren't responding to you in a prompt fashion or you are getting a bad feeling. Don't hesitate to keep looking for someone you get a good feeling from.

Hire A Professional From PDX Videographer

If you do your due diligence, it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out who’s a professional and who’s not. Before you hire an Oregon videographer, make sure you’re happy with their work and certain they can do the job.

Remember, there are several key factors that distinguish a professional videographer from an amateur. Professional videographers have a strong understanding of lighting and composition, and they use high-quality equipment to capture footage. They also have the editing skills necessary to produce a polished final product. That's why if you are looking for a high-quality video, it's best to hire a professional from PDX Videographer.

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