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What Your Oregon Company Needs To Know About Live Streaming?

Are you wondering whether live streaming is right for your Oregon business? Here's everything you need to know before you start live streaming your next event, product launch, or training session. Live streaming has never been easier, but you want to do your research before you get started.

Live Streaming Is The Latest Trend For Showcasing Your Company

Video continues to be one of the fastest growing ways for people to consume content, with the average 18-45 year old spending AT LEAST 4 hours per week watching online video. So how can your business tap into this growing enthusiasm for video?

While all you need to go live is a mobile phone and a Facebook or Instagram account, there's more to professional live streaming than just pointing a camera and hitting record. Remember that every bit of content you produce represents your brand, and as such you want to maintain a high standard of quality.

Fortunately, you don't need to invest a huge amount of money or buy a bunch of expensive gear to successfully live stream your next event.  At PDX Videographer, our professional team has the latest gear and expertise, and we can get you up and running in no time.

Live Streaming Is All About Audience Engagement

If your idea of a live streamed event is to just point a camera at the stage and upload the video stream and that's it, then you're not thinking about live streaming in the right way. Yes, broadcasting your event allows you to extend your reach beyond your geographic area and expands your potential audience exponentially, but there's also the ability to more directly engage with your audience.

Before your event even starts, you want to use all of your available platforms (social media, email lists, advertising, etc.) to let people know about the live stream and solicit questions, suggestions, and feedback ahead of time. Not only does this let people know what is happening, but it also gives them the chance to be involved with what the content will be.

Then, during the event itself, you want to make sure you have someone monitoring your feed(s), as you can get questions and comments in real time, conduct polls, and even speak directly to your viewers. This is a level of engagement that's only possible with live streaming.

Physical Distancing Doesn't Have To Mean Social Distancing

There's a good chance that the reason you are thinking about live streaming is that Covid-19 has made in person events problematic, if not impossible. Live streaming allows you to hold virtual events that may be even more effective than your old model of doing business. It's a lot cheaper to hold an online seminar than it is to gather all of your audience in one place, plus there's a greater potential for direct communication and follow up with the key stakeholders that are most important to your business success.

Remember, working with a professional live streaming team means that you can present your company in the best possible light, without needing the time or investment to learn how to do it yourself.

Live Stream Your Next Event

We have all the cameras, lighting, sound, and experience to make it unbelievably easy to conduct a live broadcast. Whether you're a local Oregon business, church, or private event like a wedding, we've got you covered.

Get in touch today to learn more about our affordable live streaming packages.


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