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Why Your Oregon Event Needs Professional Video

Does your Oregon or Washington company have an upcoming event that you want to document? You may be thinking you could save some money by having someone on your team do the filming. This has the potential to be a big mistake. Read on to learn why your corporate event needs to be filmed by a professional video production company.

Every piece of content you put out reflects on your brand

When someone clicks on a video that has your company's name on it, whether you want it to or not, they are expecting it to say something about your company.  It's an implicit testament to the level of quality and attention to detail they can expect from your company.

That means the shaky, poorly lit video you put up of your holiday party or training seminar will directly communicate what your company stands for.

You may have been thinking that any content is better than no content, but that's definitely not the case. Don't miss out on any opportunity to influence your potential customers and educate them about your business.

A professional video with quality editing and motion graphics lets people know what they can expect from your products and services.

Allow your event to live on

You most likely invested a lot of money to make sure your corporate event ran smoothly, whether it was an educational seminar, a holiday gathering, an awards ceremony, or an important product launch. A professional video commemorating the event ensures it will live on well beyond the date of.

A highlights video captures the best moments of your event. A full recording means that the invaluable content you're hosting at your event will be available in perpetuity. Selected excerpts of a compelling talk have the potential to go viral and grab more attention for your company.

Whatever the scenario, a well made video allows more people to know about your event, benefit from it, and associate your company with quality content. It also creates more material for your marketing programs and social media channels.

Bring your event to your audience

Even before COVID-19, it has always been a challenge to get everyone to an event. Video allows you to reach a whole new audience that wouldn't have been possible before.

Whether you decide to live stream your event or just post recordings and highlights after the fact, there's no doubt that a professional video has the potential to more than double the potential impact of your event and allow your ROI to continue.

In the short term, large scale events that involve people traveling from great distances are highly risky, if not impossible. Professional video and live streaming mean that your event can still happen in a responsible and effective manner without giving up any of the influence.

Have greater control of your message

A professional videographer understands how to use video to get your message across effectively. Whether it's editing out some poorly worded remarks, or ensuring your event video fits seamlessly with the overall messaging of your corporate branding, you need a professional to be in charge of your video.

Every marketer will tell you the importance of conveying a consistent and compelling story with all of your marketing endeavors. If you're going to take the time to post a video showcasing your event, make sure that it tells the story you want it to.

A professional videographer for Portland, Oregon and beyond

If you're looking for an events and conference videographer in the Pacific Northwest, PDX Videographer has the experience and expertise you're expecting. We have covered events of all scope and sizes in a variety of industries, including real estate, food and beverage, agriculture, cannabis, technology, and more. We only work with professional crew and the latest equipment, meaning that you don't need to worry that the finished product will meet your high standards.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


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